A Few Travel Photos

Part of the reason the blog has gone without some attention recently is that in early November, Heather and I went on an epic trip.

Click for the calendar'ized view of our travels...

Two weeks, 6 states:

  • Juneau, AK
  • fly to… Portland, OR (2 nights)
  • fly to… Seattle, WA (1 night)
  • fly to… Reno, NV
  • drive to… Carson City, NV (3 nights)
  • drive to… Tahoe, NV and back
  • fly to… Denver, CO (3 nights)
  • drive to… Bridgeport, NE (1 night)
  • drive to… Denver, CO
  • fly to… Seattle, WA
  • drive to… Port Townsend, WA (3 nights)
  • drive to… Leavenworth, WA and back
  • drive to… Seattle, WA (1 night)
  • drive to… Leavenworth, WA (2 nights)
  • drive to… Seattle, WA (1 night)
  • fly to… Juneau, AK for a vacation from the vacation!

And, while we’re here, I thought I’d use the photo blog to offer up a couple of photo highlights… take a look at some photos after the jump… 

In Portland, we were at the Free Enterprise Days event in the Portland Coliseum. The conference is to celebrate the Free Enterprise system in North America. We attend annually, but this time around, it was particularly special as we were able to nominate Heather’s grandpa to be one of the WWII Veterans recognized on stage. It started with a hugely emotional experience, and continued from there. A truly amazing event.

Here he is on stage:

And, to give a sense of scale of the event…

We were in Nevada and Colorado to help some business partners, and then were able to stop in Nebraska to see my family. My Grandpa Darrell & Uncle Oscar live in Bridgeport and my Aunt Beverley and her husband John were able to come down to visit during our stay. It was great to introduce Heather to some of my family (she had yet to meet my grandpa and uncle), and of course, I like to drive, so it was a nice (long and flat) spin from CO to NE!

And lastly, Eli & Ariel are married! See more about the photo shenanigans at this earlier blog post. Here’s a portrait in downtown Leavenworth, WA. It was COLD, and of course, lots of fun to travel and see the holiday lights as when we had left Juneau, we only had seen 1/2 inch of snow that dusted the morning we left.


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