Nicole, Outside

Nicole is awesome.

I had the privilege to work with her at the University during her final year of college, while she was on academic exchange from Wisconsin. It was fun to hear about, read about, and sometimes see (in person!) the adventures of her year in the Outdoor Studies Program at UAS.

For graduation, she had some some beautiful pictures of her at ocean’s-edge to send out for her announcements, complete with a purple blouse and beads of pearls. They were good looking photos, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that we should partner to make some pictures that more closely matched my picture of Nicole’s awesome outdoorsy’ness. I mean heck, she got dropped off on an icefield and hiked out 35 miles. That’s something that purple and pearls doesn’t quite communicate.

So we went out yesterday into the Juneau rain and found some great photos. Take a look for yourself…

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