The Arrival

I’m a pretty excited kid right now. I mean like really excited. Maybe it would help to think of hyperactive children in a store that sells candy/toys/fort-supplies/etc? Yeah, that’s getting closer.

If you’ve known me for any time, you know that I like to have quality equipment, and I’m not afraid to pay for it. Today’s giddy response is brought to you by the letter ‘D’ and the number ‘4’.

That’s right, today my brand-spankin’-new D4 came today. So stinkin’ excited!

At first blush, I have to admit, it’s nothing more than a camera. A fancy one, sure, but in essence it really is just a tool to execute my vision for my photography. I enjoy having ‘fancy’ cameras to use, but in all reality, I am JUST as excited when I hear about how someone made an amazing photograph with their ‘Walmart Special’ point-and-shoot camera. Really, it’s the act of creating and enjoying the craft that brings me joy, not the plastic and metal that captures the image.

That all being said, I’m really excited about the upcoming swing of weddings this summer. Brenda, Shelley, LeeAnn, Kerri, Alix and perhaps more will have the good fortune of letting me really explore the capabilities of this beast.

Anyhow, cause I feel silly having a blogpost without an image, here’s a picture I took while in the background my lovely wife quips, “How do you know if you’re married to a photographer? Reason Number 572:  They set up iphone photo shoots with newly received cameras!” (She’s right!)

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  1. Beverley Lundell

    Wow! How awesome ~ of course this means we will only expect bigger and better photos from you, although I am not sure that is possible as what you are sharing now exceeds every expecation. You rock Cody! Keep feeding that fantastic talent you have. You make us proud!!!!

    June 11, 2012 at 7:36 pm

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