Keeping Busy

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had my camera with me for a few outings…

An engagement session (more finished photos to come after Krystle and Roman make their selections). This shot was an idea I had that I thought worked out pretty well!

TAFY’s recent dance recital (that’s my daughter enjoying her time on stage):

In the next couple weeks I’ll have a camera with me on a work trip to Fairbanks (hoping for some good weather in Denali Park), and then a Bar Mitzvah!

Oh, and I almost forgot, I did capture (and finally cull and finish) photos from the 2017 Wearable Arts back in February. Here is a quick shot Seanna O’Sullivan (she’s amazing) took of me in action near the runway. Fun show!


Senior portraits in the cold! Iris was great to work with of course, and it was fun to explore out-the-road to find some images.

This first one was with a big lens to bring the mountains up close, and we were trying to shout at each other over the wind. We were also trying to move super quick as the temps were frigid!


Further out the road with little traffic, we were able to find this image with some off-camera lighting – this was the fav of the bunch!


McKrill Family

Though I’m not one to admit it in person at a shoot, this image was a bit challenging for me. I wanted to use a longer lens because of the compression that it provided, so considering the size of the room, I was as zoomed out as I could muster, but on top of that, there is a need for a substantial depth of field to keep the front row and back row in focus. We opted for available light because they were sitting next to a humongous series of windows, which also meant that we had to block some of the stark rays from the glowing orb outside.

I think it turned out well, especially considering canines aren’t always the most cooperative, and as always, I was glad to have the assistance of my lovely wife!


Olivia & Brice

Olivia & Brice came in from Missouri for their wedding at the Shrine of St. Therese. Their day was filled with beauty and antics (for instance, chasing several small dogs out of traffic). We shared in laughter and fun and the beauty of a cloudless Juneau day. Here’s one image I had shared on Facebook so their family & friends at a distance could see how stunning this duo is.


Kjerstin & Brandon

Just a few from Kjerstin & Brandon’s wedding. These two are amazing and have an amazing collection of people who love them. I’m such a lucky guy to have gotten the opportunity to photograph their wedding day. I’m stoked to have their album finished in the next few weeks!






Hannah & Kaleb

Love these guys. I’ve known Kaleb and the McGoey’s since they got into town, and it’s been fun to watch him grow up, graduate, and now get married. I’m not sure what it was about this ceremony, but I noticed myself tearing up behind the camera often. Good thing I have a big hunk of glass to hide my eye-sweat. 😉

Take a look:

















Wearable Arts

Each year the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council steps out to create an absolutely amazing event: Wearable Arts.

It is one of the largest events in Juneau each year, and I can only presume that it will continue to grow. Artists work for months in advance to prepare pieces of art that they or their model will strut down the runway in front of an at-capacity audience in Centennial Hall. Every piece is amazing; we have some phenomenal talent in Juneau!

In short, you don’t want to miss it.

But, over the last few years, that’s exactly what I did. With my wedding & portrait photography, a full time job, being married (etc, etc) photography was often kept (somewhat intentionally) on the backburner in order to prepare for the upcoming spring and summer busyness.

This year though, Nancy reached out to ask if I could be the primary event photographer as their normal go-to-gal, Seanna Hines (Seanna O’Sullivan Photography) was unavailable this year. I agreed (somewhat reluctantly) as being away from Heather with only 4 weeks to go in our pregnancy isn’t so appealing.

Wearable Arts

Take a look at the photos!

  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo

View photos at SmugMug

If you follow the above link to the galleries of the event, you’ll see even more photos from the talents of both Adam Wood & Kaley McGoey who joined in the fun over the weekend.

#egret #portraiture

#egret #portraiture

#egret #portraiture

The Happy Couple

The happy couple. Full of dreams and with the brightest of futures. #dreambuilders4ever #lovingmarriage #funwithfriends

The happy couple. Full of dreams and with the brightest of futures. #dreambuilders4ever #lovingmarriage #funwithfriends

In-Camera Workshop

Things have been slow on the blog as of late – went from an extremely busy fall at my day-job to holidays and illness and other priorities. That’s not to say I haven’t been doing things – it’s just I haven’t posted much!

Take a look at these images from a recent workshop I attended in Orange County, California. It was nice to meet several other photographers and of course I love to learn more about the craft. That, and as you’ll see the weather didn’t suck either!

Impromptu Portraits

I have a few things to mention about this post, and I’m not sure where to start… How about ‘brain-dump’ style?

It’s been an excellent few weeks. Starting with the return from a Spokane conference, I’ve been committed to some personal and business goals that have stretched me beyond my normal comfort zone. Nothing that would make me go home crying at the end of a day, but enough to give me butterflies and to live on the proverbial edge. It means that as we’s recently ramped up into the start of the UAS semester, I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier so that I give my best and least-distracted time of the day towards my goals. To encourage me to do that, I’ve given myself permission to get up before the crack of dawn to go hang with the bears near the glacier at first light.

How does that play into this post? Good question. I think in two ways… First, I have my camera with me nearly all the time now; it’s never farther away than ‘in the car’. And second, the portraits below are a little bit different for me – it’s a stretch for what I’m accustomed to.

I don’t normally insert myself into the photos that I am capturing. If you see me at weddings or events, most of the time I am across the room, using a long lens to capture moments shared by others. In portrait sessions, I would rather have some distance, and let the person/couple be relaxed and authentic rather than to be actively involved in adjusting every bit of minutia. I don’t particularly enjoy posed shots – I want natural expressions of people living their life!

So… Back to these photos. This is me walking around a busy crowd and stepping within arms reach of someone and holding up my (giant) camera & lens directly to their face. It’s slightly scary for me, as strange as that sounds. I found it was fun to see how some folks reacted. Too many ladies were self critical, and a few guys were over-the-top. It’s interesting to see the interplay of personality and self-image.

Most of these folks are people I’ve known over the years at campus and other places, so it wasn’t too off-beat to have me arrive with a camera, but it was still a stretch. We’ll see what the next outing holds!

Anyhow, here’s a snapshot of most of the thumbnails:

After posting the images to Facebook, I realized the feedback exceptional, so I’ve also posted them in their own portraiture gallery on my site for future review (and in case any mom’s out there want some beautiful photos of their children!)


On Friday afternoon Heather and I headed out to Tee Harbor to meet up with Jayleen in hopes of heading north to Sentinel Island to scope out the location of an up-and-coming wedding. Unfortunately, though the weather was amazing, farther north the seas had kicked up and really weren’t favoring our efforts. In the end we decided to turn back and head south towards more fair waters.

We stopped by Jayleen’s parents house on south Shelter Island and enjoyed their company while they were working on painting in the sun. It was surprisingly eventful – we saw a floatplane land a little ways down the island (which I guess doesn’t happen often) and then sadly, we got to watch a boat hit a submerged reef – while I’m sure it was an expensive mistake, I was glad to see that the boat was able to stay afloat and start heading home slowly with their kicker.

On the way back to the harbor to drop us off, I decided to pull my camera out and we all had a good time taking pictures in the bright evening sky.


Harrison B

Last week I stopped into the Rec Center to listen to Harrison B play a few songs while the new bose audio equipment was being tested. Initially I was trying to get some work done on my computer, but towards the end of the set, I decided to take a few pictures. Marc also took a few shots so I’m not sure which ones were taken by who, but I did all the post processing and was able to share them with the musicians and the Rec Center (for their facebook page).

Without further delay, here’s a few images:




I’ve worked with Joel for a few years and we share a passion for photography. In the last few months, he has been preparing for a exhibit that opens in a little over two weeks: Harbors. His photographic art will adorn the walls of The Rookery Cafe, and while I might be a little biased, I don’t think they have any idea of how epic his prints will be.

I’ve noticed over the past year or two that while there are a lot of talented photographers and great work, the production efforts have been minimal – get some prints on the wall, smile, shake some hands, and call it good. Joel has rocketed into (what I believe to be) the big leagues by preparing everything possible: high-end perfectly finished art prints, business cards, show posters, photographic prints for sale, the facebook event page, media coverage with local papers, a video segment, and even an exhibition website: harbors2012.com.

So, needless to say, I was excited to have him ask me to help create some images for the up-and-coming article, as well as prints for home.

Take a look…

Take a look at more of the images here:

Learning the Ropes

Technology is amazing. I’ve been playing with my new D4 for the past week and have been really excited about the potential it holds.

To start with, here are a few portraits at the office (cause I couldn’t wait to get home with it). I’ve run them through a bit of light post-processing. A couple black and white conversions, some noise reduction, and a smidgen of clarity and contrast adjustments.

Joel. ISO 12800, 200mm f5

This is Joel. And he’s strongly recommending that you attend his art show in July. See Harbors2012.com for more info!

My lovely wife. ISO 100, 85mm, f1.4

And of course, this is Heather. She is amazing. Nuf’ said!

Me! ISO 100, 85mm, f1.4

And me, in the comfy environs of my office. (Thanks Joel for capturing this image!)

And then, on my way to the car en route to an appointment I had to stop to notice the wildlife in the parking lot:


And lastly, I took it out for a morning with the birds, and found it to be quite the performer for it’s 11 frames per second… I joked with Heather earlier that it’s more likely that I’ll lose interest in the subject before the camera runs out of buffer to shoot! Here’s a (fairly rough) composite that I worked on this evening. 16 frames into one:

Needless to say, I’m excited about the camera and it’s potential in future weddings and other outings.

I’ve put up lots more from the bird and bug explorations. Take a look: http://photos.codyjbennett.com/fine-art/2012/

Stay tuned for more!



Meet Irene. Musician, student, friend.

She’s pretty amazing.

Last Saturday with the help of Nicole and Jayleen, we took headed out to the Ferry Terminal and then farther out the road. We didn’t have anything too structured planned, though we had talked about the idea of getting wet and muddy, even to the extent of dunking her in Auke Bay with a prop guitar for an unusual musical portrait.

Lucky for her she didn’t get submerged (for now), but we still were able to find several neat places to photograph at. I’m looking forward to the next session!





Nicole, Outside

Nicole is awesome.

I had the privilege to work with her at the University during her final year of college, while she was on academic exchange from Wisconsin. It was fun to hear about, read about, and sometimes see (in person!) the adventures of her year in the Outdoor Studies Program at UAS.

For graduation, she had some some beautiful pictures of her at ocean’s-edge to send out for her announcements, complete with a purple blouse and beads of pearls. They were good looking photos, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that we should partner to make some pictures that more closely matched my picture of Nicole’s awesome outdoorsy’ness. I mean heck, she got dropped off on an icefield and hiked out 35 miles. That’s something that purple and pearls doesn’t quite communicate.

So we went out yesterday into the Juneau rain and found some great photos. Take a look for yourself…

The College Grad!

Just a quick post to share a few images from a recent portrait session with Doanh (pronounced ‘Dawn’), who is a soon-to-be college grad from UAA. Fortunately for me, she had been working as a student intern within the last semester here in Juneau, so it means that I got to make a new friend who will do some amazing things with her life.

Without further adieu, take a gander. Just like my wife, I’m sure you’ll exclaim, “she’s beautiful!”

Good luck, Doanh!

See Doanh’s final choices here: http://photos.codyjbennett.com/Portraits/Doanh/

Studio Time

Eureka! It’s been done! I have finally spent a few hours in the studio. I’ve been prodded for months now to get into the Becoming Images studio space after it was up and running.

Before you read further… Here’s my disclaimer: I am completely ignorant! 🙂

I think I’ve been resistant because I don’t expect to be branching out into studio-based work anytime soon, and, my own experiences lead me to feel like studio work is generally fairly static and uninspiring for the client as well as the photographer. Every time I’ve been in a studio, it was effective to get a good picture, but mostly ‘blah’. It seems that it might be a great business model to bring a client in for a shorter time with lighting already dialed in… But, before I feel comfortable getting clients in the limelight, I thought I should get a bit of practice in…

Thanks to Alex (and Cory, and Stacy), we spent a few hours crash-coursing me through a new PocketWizard setup, three off-camera flashes, and a variety of props & backgrounds. I’m not yet a seasoned pro, but I can see where the studio would help me accomplish certain kinds of looks. We’ll see where it grows. Maybe I’ll aim for more practice tomorrow. Anyhow, I thought I’d post a couple of images that we developed yesterday.

A few thoughts I’d tack on:

  • I’d like to light the background of the white backdrop so that I don’t have to do any post-production to make it a cleanly white backdrop. It’d take some dialing in, but I’m sure I could accomplish what I’m looking for, if only I had a bit more space.
  • The images below are basically out-of-camera so they’d be considered “proofs” rather than a final product.
  • I think I need another week of practice before I feel completely confident in working through the various iterations I might use in that space. So much learning to do!

Thanks for looking!

A Few Travel Photos

Part of the reason the blog has gone without some attention recently is that in early November, Heather and I went on an epic trip.

Click for the calendar'ized view of our travels...

Two weeks, 6 states:

  • Juneau, AK
  • fly to… Portland, OR (2 nights)
  • fly to… Seattle, WA (1 night)
  • fly to… Reno, NV
  • drive to… Carson City, NV (3 nights)
  • drive to… Tahoe, NV and back
  • fly to… Denver, CO (3 nights)
  • drive to… Bridgeport, NE (1 night)
  • drive to… Denver, CO
  • fly to… Seattle, WA
  • drive to… Port Townsend, WA (3 nights)
  • drive to… Leavenworth, WA and back
  • drive to… Seattle, WA (1 night)
  • drive to… Leavenworth, WA (2 nights)
  • drive to… Seattle, WA (1 night)
  • fly to… Juneau, AK for a vacation from the vacation!

And, while we’re here, I thought I’d use the photo blog to offer up a couple of photo highlights… take a look at some photos after the jump…  (more…)

Ariel & Eli: Married!

Eli is my best friend and has been for years and years and years. Since elementary school, in fact. He was my best man a couple years back (thanks Eli!) and as we all know, one good turn deserves another. A few months ago Eli asked if I would be his Best Man. Honored, I accepted!

Now, an interesting wrinkle would present itself… I consider myself a bit of a photographer, too.

As details were flying about, it was determined that I would be the guy to coordinate wedding photos for the big day too.  Hmm.

Fortunately, as time drew closer, we devised a master plan. I would be the “consultant” and I would have my equipment in the hands of my lovely wife who has helped me in numbers of other weddings. And, to increase the number of images to have for the Bride & Groom afterwards, I asked another close friend who is similarly passionate about photography: Pat Grieser. Originally, I had expected to be the brains while Heather & Pat fulfilled the brawn… It didn’t quite work out that way.

As the Wedding Eve arrived, I realized that in order to be the best Best Man I could be, I couldn’t pay any mind to the cameras in the room – I just needed to serve and be the friend. Fortunately, Pat & Heather came through incredibly well for the pressures of a wedding. We were all excellent about playing our roles and the resulting images are awesome.  I’m not sure if I’ve broken Pat of the interest in ever going into wedding photography, but the wedding itself was a blast.

It was a simple and fairly small endeavor at the Beaver Creek Lodge, just a few miles down the road from Leavenworth, WA.

I did get to put on my photographer hat on Sunday afternoon when Ariel, Eli, Heather & myself went out for some beautiful portraiture with rustic backdrops and even throughout downtown Leavenworth.

And, without further adieu, I should show you a few more pictures…


  • 0015
  • 0017
  • 0016
  • 0014
  • 0010
  • 0011
  • 0008
  • 0009
  • 0005
  • 0007
  • 0006
  • 0004
  • 0003
  • 0002
  • 0001

And, I should leave you with a bigger version of a few favorites… Enjoy!

Ashley, Evan, Melanie & Robert!

Just a quick trial of a new service and a highlight of a wonderful family…

A month ago (or more?) Heather and I had the chance to share a rainy afternoon with Ashley, Evan, Melanie & Robert and their three dogs Bossy, Barbosa and Bently. They’re a fantastic bunch. Genuine, full of energy & loving – my favorite kind of people!

You can take a look at a few of the images here:

Family Portraits

  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo

View photos at SmugMug

And, the trial as promised below: a video slideshow of the images in the gallery. What do you think? Do you like the slideshow? For a first-take, I like it… I do have other options of music, transitions, and more but it’s nice to see the various images. One adjustment that I would like to adjust is the keyframe (the static frame when the video is stopped); I’m not sure if it can be adjusted with the services I use, but it would give a chance to highlight a specific image or even just my photography branding.


Today I had the pleasure of helping Dani collect a few images for a campaign she will be launching shortly. It was a blast to run around campus to collect images; Dani has a great sense of humor so it was all smiles and laughs throughout the morning. Fortunately, the weather played nicely too!

Tara & Andrew: Trash the Dress

Check out these images from yesterday. These two are a blast. First, some time in the woods off of West Glacier Trail, then a jaunt up (and in) Montana Creek. I think the hardest part will be trying to narrow down the keepers to just a few!