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I Love Mud

For some reason, I’ve always loved mud. The best time for a mountain bike ride is when it’s a torrential downpour, and there is no possible way to return home without being caked with mud and dirt from head to toe.

Fortunately, UAS gives folks easy access to mud. This was a course that was set up by Tara Olson for the students to have a good time at the end of the semester. It seemed like a hit, and I certainly enjoyed photographing it!

Garbage Bears

I love wildlife and I love people.

I hate it when one side of that duo become so familiar with its surroundings that it creates dangerous situation for the other.

Lately, on the UAS campus, there has been a bear who shows up to peruse the Mourant Building area looking for morsels. It’s a real bummer because now that the bear has visited on multiple occasions this week, the next step will likely be some intervention by some agency. (I presume darting or live capturing the bear to take it to some far-away area.) The bear is simply looking for a food source, and fortunately he didn’t find any on this trip, even after knocking over the bear-proof garbage can and getting up into the box recycling. The bear ambled away without much human interaction (save for my photo-taking)

This isn’t particularly a striking set of photography, but I believe that it is important to share when these things happen so that people can be more aware of the impact of their actions…

And I just noticed that this is a tagged bear (the top image, he has a blue mark near his ear). I don’t think that bodes well for our furry friend… 🙁



Today I had the pleasure of helping Dani collect a few images for a campaign she will be launching shortly. It was a blast to run around campus to collect images; Dani has a great sense of humor so it was all smiles and laughs throughout the morning. Fortunately, the weather played nicely too!