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McKrill Family

Though I’m not one to admit it in person at a shoot, this image was a bit challenging for me. I wanted to use a longer lens because of the compression that it provided, so considering the size of the room, I was as zoomed out as I could muster, but on top of that, there is a need for a substantial depth of field to keep the front row and back row in focus. We opted for available light because they were sitting next to a humongous series of windows, which also meant that we had to block some of the stark rays from the glowing orb outside.

I think it turned out well, especially considering canines aren’t always the most cooperative, and as always, I was glad to have the assistance of my lovely wife!


A Few Travel Photos

Part of the reason the blog has gone without some attention recently is that in early November, Heather and I went on an epic trip.

Click for the calendar'ized view of our travels...

Two weeks, 6 states:

  • Juneau, AK
  • fly to… Portland, OR (2 nights)
  • fly to… Seattle, WA (1 night)
  • fly to… Reno, NV
  • drive to… Carson City, NV (3 nights)
  • drive to… Tahoe, NV and back
  • fly to… Denver, CO (3 nights)
  • drive to… Bridgeport, NE (1 night)
  • drive to… Denver, CO
  • fly to… Seattle, WA
  • drive to… Port Townsend, WA (3 nights)
  • drive to… Leavenworth, WA and back
  • drive to… Seattle, WA (1 night)
  • drive to… Leavenworth, WA (2 nights)
  • drive to… Seattle, WA (1 night)
  • fly to… Juneau, AK for a vacation from the vacation!

And, while we’re here, I thought I’d use the photo blog to offer up a couple of photo highlights… take a look at some photos after the jump…  (more…)

Ashley, Evan, Melanie & Robert!

Just a quick trial of a new service and a highlight of a wonderful family…

A month ago (or more?) Heather and I had the chance to share a rainy afternoon with Ashley, Evan, Melanie & Robert and their three dogs Bossy, Barbosa and Bently. They’re a fantastic bunch. Genuine, full of energy & loving – my favorite kind of people!

You can take a look at a few of the images here:

Family Portraits

  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo
  • Cody's photo

View photos at SmugMug

And, the trial as promised below: a video slideshow of the images in the gallery. What do you think? Do you like the slideshow? For a first-take, I like it… I do have other options of music, transitions, and more but it’s nice to see the various images. One adjustment that I would like to adjust is the keyframe (the static frame when the video is stopped); I’m not sure if it can be adjusted with the services I use, but it would give a chance to highlight a specific image or even just my photography branding.