Marie & Colt

Another outing as a hired hand to assist Penny McGoey of Becoming Images. I love working with Penny. She’s a blast, super creative, down to earth, and just plain awesome. Sometimes I show up as the odd-man-out because I don’t have any prior relationship with the bride and groom, so I’m often there behind a camera, letting Penny handle the relationship side of things while I quietly snap away hundreds of photos through the day. Not so this time!

I first met Colt 15 (or so) years ago. Marie wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Just recently they both resurfaced at a game of Ultimate Frisbee. What a cool couple. They’re both confident, capable, genuinely wonderful folks. And they’re quite the good looking duo too! Here’s a teaser – get the rest from!




Foodie Photos?

Being multifaceted, I find myself presented with all kinds of new challenges. Recently, Venietia of V’s Cellar Door asked me if I could create an image that she could use for an advertisement board targeting passengers at the Juneau Visitor Center.

I should be clear: I don’t consider myself a food photographer. I like to eat food. I like good looking photos of food, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever taken a photo of plated food before, outside of some detail shots at a wedding buffet line!

Here’s the result. I had some help in determining angles, lighting, etc. from those who happened to be by the restaurant that day.

Also, these nachos are delicious!!!


Kimberley & Zachary

I had the good fortune to link up with Penny McGoey of Becoming Images to help photograph a beautiful wedding at the Twisted Fish with portraits at the Thane Orehouse property. The weather couldn’t have been more amazing, though we were expecting some sideways rain. For the rest, head over to!


Angi & Sean

One of my favorite weddings. The weather was killer (almost too warm for Juneau) but it fit the hot-pink of the wedding party attire. These guys were fun, full of laughs and a joy every step of the way.

Take a look at a few highlights below!




Senior portraits in the cold! Iris was great to work with of course, and it was fun to explore out-the-road to find some images.

This first one was with a big lens to bring the mountains up close, and we were trying to shout at each other over the wind. We were also trying to move super quick as the temps were frigid!


Further out the road with little traffic, we were able to find this image with some off-camera lighting – this was the fav of the bunch!


McKrill Family

Though I’m not one to admit it in person at a shoot, this image was a bit challenging for me. I wanted to use a longer lens because of the compression that it provided, so considering the size of the room, I was as zoomed out as I could muster, but on top of that, there is a need for a substantial depth of field to keep the front row and back row in focus. We opted for available light because they were sitting next to a humongous series of windows, which also meant that we had to block some of the stark rays from the glowing orb outside.

I think it turned out well, especially considering canines aren’t always the most cooperative, and as always, I was glad to have the assistance of my lovely wife!


My Personal Photo Assistant

I’ve been a bit slow to pick up a camera to get out for photo adventures, but with the recent addition to our family, I find myself frequently grabbing my camera and snapping a few shots of our daughter, Alora.

It’s hard not to!


Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

While we were in the Anchorage area, we stopped by the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. None of us had been before, and I was like a kid in a candy store.

I’m enthusiastic about animal portraits. Something in me is wildly fascinated with the sentient look in the eyes of a wild creature. This time, I was able to get some images of some wildlife in captivity.


Olivia & Brice

Olivia & Brice came in from Missouri for their wedding at the Shrine of St. Therese. Their day was filled with beauty and antics (for instance, chasing several small dogs out of traffic). We shared in laughter and fun and the beauty of a cloudless Juneau day. Here’s one image I had shared on Facebook so their family & friends at a distance could see how stunning this duo is.


Kjerstin & Brandon

Just a few from Kjerstin & Brandon’s wedding. These two are amazing and have an amazing collection of people who love them. I’m such a lucky guy to have gotten the opportunity to photograph their wedding day. I’m stoked to have their album finished in the next few weeks!