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Yesterday, at the bequest of my daughter, we went for a walk at Statter Harbor. Not to be one to miss an opportunity, I took a camera along and was rewarded with a peaceful Great Blue Heron, eating at shoreside. Take a look:


I’ve worked with Joel for a few years and we share a passion for photography. In the last few months, he has been preparing for a exhibit that opens in a little over two weeks: Harbors. His photographic art will adorn the walls of The Rookery Cafe, and while I might be a little biased, I don’t think they have any idea of how epic his prints will be.

I’ve noticed over the past year or two that while there are a lot of talented photographers and great work, the production efforts have been minimal – get some prints on the wall, smile, shake some hands, and call it good. Joel has rocketed into (what I believe to be) the big leagues by preparing everything possible: high-end perfectly finished art prints, business cards, show posters, photographic prints for sale, the facebook event page, media coverage with local papers, a video segment, and even an exhibition website:

So, needless to say, I was excited to have him ask me to help create some images for the up-and-coming article, as well as prints for home.

Take a look…

Take a look at more of the images here:


Meet Irene. Musician, student, friend.

She’s pretty amazing.

Last Saturday with the help of Nicole and Jayleen, we took headed out to the Ferry Terminal and then farther out the road. We didn’t have anything too structured planned, though we had talked about the idea of getting wet and muddy, even to the extent of dunking her in Auke Bay with a prop guitar for an unusual musical portrait.

Lucky for her she didn’t get submerged (for now), but we still were able to find several neat places to photograph at. I’m looking forward to the next session!





The College Grad!

Just a quick post to share a few images from a recent portrait session with Doanh (pronounced ‘Dawn’), who is a soon-to-be college grad from UAA. Fortunately for me, she had been working as a student intern within the last semester here in Juneau, so it means that I got to make a new friend who will do some amazing things with her life.

Without further adieu, take a gander. Just like my wife, I’m sure you’ll exclaim, “she’s beautiful!”

Good luck, Doanh!

See Doanh’s final choices here:

Early Morning Outing

A couple weeks back I had planned to get up early in order to catch the deep cobalt blue of the sunrise on a lovely Saturday morning. I had looked at my favorite photography app (LightTrac) and determined a best-case-scenario for some excellent sunrise with substance photos.

Anyhow, I arrived at the Fisherman’s Bend dock in Auke Bay hopeful of the specific hue of blue I had been dreaming about, but alas it was too late in the morning to have the darkness I needed. Maybe these things are meant for sunsets alone?

Anyhow, not to be outdone by mother nature, I took a few shots in hopes that maybe I would come up with an HDR image of the sunrise that I as proud of… Not so much. But, the good news is that I enjoyed my quiet (and cold) morning out, and maybe next time I’ll be better prepared to get up earlier!

The one shot I did come away with follows. It is the combination of three images, processed first for noise in Nik’s Dfine, and then secondly in PhotoMatix Pro (a recent acquisition I’m pretty excited to play with!)

Auke Bay Harbor

Last night was another late night. I went to bed at a normal hour, however, I’ve been battling a sore throat for a few days and it finally was bold enough to wake me up just a couple hours into my slumber. So I got up. And I stayed up. And I looked at the Aurora forecast and realized that if my super-science friend, Matt, was correct, there might be a chance. I grabbed my tripod (still with camera strapped to it) and headed out.

Naturally, with my Northern Light Luck™, there was high cloud cover, and the stars were nowhere to be seen. Go figure.

Fortunately, the evening was uncharacteristically warm (my car claimed 63˚), so I opted to head out anyways. I found myself at the Auke Bay harbor and looking for some cool images. As it was completely comfortable to hang out in the warm night, I decided to try to take some shots with my intervalometer. Below you’ll see one of my first time lapse videos of the moving clouds. It’s kind of fun, but I’ll need to work on it more before I consider it awesome. 🙂

See these and more in my 2011 Fine Art Gallery.

Auke Bay Clouds from Cody Bennett on Vimeo.

Heading Off

During the last PhotoWalk that I coordinated, I spent lots of time looking, but very few minutes clicking. Part of the fun for me is to see others having a good time with a camera, observing the world. I did my own observing of course… I came away with maybe 5 “keepers”. Click on my favorite below to visit the gallery with the rest: