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Senior portraits in the cold! Iris was great to work with of course, and it was fun to explore out-the-road to find some images.

This first one was with a big lens to bring the mountains up close, and we were trying to shout at each other over the wind. We were also trying to move super quick as the temps were frigid!


Further out the road with little traffic, we were able to find this image with some off-camera lighting – this was the fav of the bunch!


In-Camera Workshop

Things have been slow on the blog as of late – went from an extremely busy fall at my day-job to holidays and illness and other priorities. That’s not to say I haven’t been doing things – it’s just I haven’t posted much!

Take a look at these images from a recent workshop I attended in Orange County, California. It was nice to meet several other photographers and of course I love to learn more about the craft. That, and as you’ll see the weather didn’t suck either!


On Friday afternoon Heather and I headed out to Tee Harbor to meet up with Jayleen in hopes of heading north to Sentinel Island to scope out the location of an up-and-coming wedding. Unfortunately, though the weather was amazing, farther north the seas had kicked up and really weren’t favoring our efforts. In the end we decided to turn back and head south towards more fair waters.

We stopped by Jayleen’s parents house on south Shelter Island and enjoyed their company while they were working on painting in the sun. It was surprisingly eventful – we saw a floatplane land a little ways down the island (which I guess doesn’t happen often) and then sadly, we got to watch a boat hit a submerged reef – while I’m sure it was an expensive mistake, I was glad to see that the boat was able to stay afloat and start heading home slowly with their kicker.

On the way back to the harbor to drop us off, I decided to pull my camera out and we all had a good time taking pictures in the bright evening sky.


Winter Macro

This afternoon my friend Patrick & I headed out into the snow with cameras and dogs to see what we could find. Of course we carried waaay more gear than we needed, but it gave us some options from scenic (we’re in Juneau after all) to action (the dogs) to macro (complete with off-camera flash).

I tend to enjoy the macro option because I love to notice the details that constantly surround us. It’s amazing how you can go for a walk and miss all of the infinitesimal miracles all around.

Anyhow, here are my 3 keepers of the day that I recall taking. (We had swapped camera bodies several times, so I couldn’t tell you who took many of the other images).

I don’t consider these fine-art, and subsequently they’re just for show and tell, but I hope you’re taking the time to notice your world around you.

Dancin’ Away

Last night was the UAS Non-Homecoming Dance at the Rec Center. I like to head out to these no-pressure opportunities to practice different techniques. As an added bonus, each year as these dances continue, I’m reminded by the volume and lyrics that I’m getting older and older. Ha! 🙂

Anyhow, these were the 6 keepers from the ~450 that I took. Dances make it easy to get unusable shots! I have so much to learn!!