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Coming Up for Air

Aha, clever title eh? Not only does it sorta fit with the images below, but it sort of fits with the last couple of weeks.

My last post, Jayleen, was an impromptu session that came from wanting to get out to Sentinel Island in order to survey the lands before myself and a collection of 8 more intrepid souls ventured onto the island for a wedding ceremony. As it turns out, the weather was so daunting on the 30th for the ceremony that we didn’t spend much time on the island, or even outside for that matter!

The past couple of weeks has been supremely busy with photography.

  • 23rd? A wedding.
  • 30th? Another wedding (the Sentinel Island outing – in the rain!)
  • 1st & 2nd? Leveled with a cold.
  • 3rd? Wedding!
  • 4th & 5th? A bit of the 4th (like an hour or two) and then more laying low.
  • 6th? Another wedding!
  • 7th? A portrait session with the bride & groom!
  • 8th & 9th? The cold finally caught up with me. Leveled again.
  • 10th? Back!
  • 11th? Mother-in-law comes to visit!

Like I said, it’s been a fun run. And, to whet your thirst (haha, there I go again), here are a few images I snagged during the 4th festivities over on Douglas!


Juneau Wedding: Kaleigh & Desmond


This Saturday, I assisted Penny McGoey of Becoming Images with a beautiful wedding and wonderful reception. It it always a blast spending time with Penny – she’s a ton of fun, and we’re a great pair who work together well to “git’r done!”

As she’s the primary photographer, she will have the final images (including my own), but I enjoy the creative process so I narrowed my 1100’ish images down to less than 20, and then put some finishing touches on a few to share. Again, check with Becoming Images for her amazing images, but for now, enjoy my teaser.

Thanks for looking!